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Welcome at KAPshop, your webshop for aerial photography using drones, kites, balloons or poles.

After some 20 years of designing, building and selling systems and parts for Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) I've closed the webshop and the workshop. Why? Well, things started to become difficult when drones became available at toy prices. Then came brexit, more and more taxes on even the smallest bits 'n pieces, increasing prices for postage and a pandemic that kept us all inside. And now that I've reached the retirement age in a rather good shape I want to fulfil some of the plans I have had in mind for a long time.

I thank all customers and friends whom I've met in some way during all these years and hope to see you some day somewhere flying a kite.

Peter Bults

P.S.: There still are some parts left that might be helpful to keep your KAP equipment alive and aloft. Think of replacement parts as gears, servos, Picavet pulleys, Hang-ups or KAP-Klips. Don't hesitate to ask me if you need something or if you need advice to realize new KAP related plans. Write me at kapshop(AT) .