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Manuals by KAPshop

For some KAPshop products you might need a manual. Most of them are available here (in most cases as a PDF-file).


Brooxes BBKK

Brooxes BEAK

Brooxes BBGG (KAPshop version)

Dunehaven Systems

Standard 35MHz Radio Control system

AuRiCo (Automatic Rig Control)


Dave Mitchell's software for KAP

  • TimeStamp Analysis Program
    This is a simple java program that processes a set of JPEGs resulting from KAP sessions, telling you the interval between each photo and the next, the average interval and some general EXIF info (derived from the first image in the session). The program runs under Windows XP, Mac OS X and possibly Linux and seems to cope with cameras from Canon, Pentax, Nikon, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Sony and Olympus (it probably works for most camera that support EXIF).
  • CHDK
    As a tribute to those who've created CHDK - a mechanism for enhancing the power of many of the newer Canon Powershot cameras, I've done some work in that area myself.
  • CHDK2
    The Gentled CHDK2 lets you connect two servo channels to the USB port of a CHDK-enabled Canon camera. Scripts running in the camera can detect joystick movements on the two channels and carry out a variety of actions in response. I've written a number of scripts for the CHDK2 as well as a "how-to" document on scripting.

Prinzler 433TxRx

Schieppati Switches



KAP Feather

Balloons and Blimps

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