Soft KAP kites
We are proud to offer you the best soft kites for KAP at special KAPShop prices; the Suttom FlowForm by Air Affairs and the KAPilot, a KAPShop special.

Sutton Flowform #30
A Sutton Flowform #30

Pilot and FF#30
A Pilot and a #30 flying side by side (Note: In this picture the Pilot looks smaller but it is bigger!)


The KAPiCA/03 KAPilot


Gerco de Ruijter's KAPilots (the higher flying is a Maxi, a modified Pilot 75)


The Hoogoog Pilot with fuzzy tail that was used to test the eventual KAPilot

The Sutton FlowForm

The Sutton FlowForm is available in a wide range of sizes. From the small 4 sq.ft. #4 to the real big #450. For KAP you'll need a #16 or a #30. The #16 is good to lift light rigs in medium winds. The #30 is for heavier rigs and/or low winds.

See what other KAPers said about the Sutton:
The KAPilot

KAPilots are new but will soon emerge as one of the most significant and usable kites in every serious KAPper's bag. Simple and straight-forward, KAPilots aren't fancy, they are just effective.
Peter Lynn developed Pilots as "sky anchors" for his big inflatables. You can use them to help stabilize a larger showpiece, lift larger spinsocks or inflatables. They go up easy and stay up in the strongest or lightest winds.
Although a great lifter it wasn't perfect for KAP. Brooks Leffler did a lot of fine tuning on the original and ended up with a soft kite for KAP that has an unbelieveable good low wind performance: the KAPilot.

KAPpers TIP: Pilots are a bit on the wallowy side without a tail, i.e., they can get some rotational oscillation going. That's how they fly reliable and strong-pulling in most windconditions but it might cause your rig to swing more than you want. The solution is simple: fly it with a (fuzzy) tail. The stability of a Sutton FlowForm will also benefit from being flown with one.

Both Suttons and KAPilots are avialable in various colors. We'll send an email with the colors in stock.

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