gentled-ir.gif The gentled
Weighing only 6 gr, this tiny device can be used to trigger the shutter of a digital camera for hundreds of uses. Whether the camera is in a kite, a model aircraft, or simply remote from the operator, the gentled simplifies operation.

NEW: the zoom gentled for OLYMPUS and PENTAX and the standard gentled for Nikon.

What are the applications for the gentled?

Developed originally for Kite Aerial Photography, this tiny device can be used to trigger the shutter of a digital camera for 101 uses. Whether the camera is in a kite, a model aircraft, on your head, or simply remote from the operator, the gentled simplifies operation.


Maybe you want to trigger the shutter from a PIR motion detector. or perhaps you want to do some time lapse photography? Perhaps your a skydiver and you need a special solution to release your shutter - look no further.

Whatever your doing there is no mechanical parts needed to press the shutter and no need to take the camera apart to add wires. Read on to discover the gentled.

The gentled uses the Infra-red wireless control than many newer cameras have. It allows you to trigger the shutter without an electrical or mechanical connection to the camera, greatly simplifying the automation. 

How does the gentled work?

As you can see the whole thing is tiny, and weighs only 6 grams. In fact the RC connector and wires weight more than the diode and circuitry shown in the picture (2.5g)!
The gentled can be triggered in one of two ways:

  • It  can be connected to a standard Radio Control Servo Receiver, and be triggered by the standard pulses these system produce.
  • Alternately you simply short out two wires and the signal is transmitted. The possibilities to do this are endless, timers, PIRs, or just a simple switch.

You can also enable a 25 second timer which additionally sends the IR signal to cameras that may shut down if not activated, or use the timer on it's own for simple time lapse photography.

Not all cameras can be remote controlled unfortunately, but many mid to high range digitals can be, as can some 35mm film cameras.

Plug and play gentled

To cram so much into such a small package, and with variation between different RC systems we recommend that the joystick of the remote control be replaced with a simple switch circuit to guarantee good operation. 

However we can supply a complete solution by including the optional joy-switch.


Full instructions are included in the Operating Manual, however the joy-switch plugs straight into your RC transmitter joystick socket (3pin 0.1" pitch connector type). The switch is supplied with a 200mm long lead, and servo connector. It mounts in a 12.7mm hole, with 30mm clearance behind the panel.

If you do not want to modify your transmitter the gentled will still work, however if you need greater control of the RC signal (e.g. you are controlling the camera and other functions on the same RC channel) we recommend you buy a Schieppati Switch and use that to trigger the gentled.

Manufacturers provide Remote Controls for their cameras, but with  gentled you can do so much more!

NEW stereo gentled

If you are into Stereo-KAP and have the right camera's, you might want a Stereo gentled. This gentled makes sure that both camera's are triggered at the same time.

Many cameras, like this Olympus D-40, have to be switched to the remote control mode before they can "see" the IR-signal from the gentled.
Can my camera use the gentled?

Not all cameras can be remote controlled unfortunately, but many mid to high range digitals can be, as can some 35mm film cameras.

We provide a number of gentled options to suit different manufacturers. Check your user manual to be sure, but the following table gives details. With new cameras being produced all the time this table may not be completely up to date. Generally we have found that each manufacturer uses the same codes across all of their cameras, so if your manual says the camera can be remote controlled using infra-red (IR) and it is by one of the following companies it should work even if not listed:

Make Models

remote control: WL-DC100
Type A
G1, G2, G2 Pro, G3, G3 Pro, G5, G5 Pro, G6, Pro 90 IS, SI-IS, S60, S70

remote control: RC-1 or RC-5
Type B
Canon Elan 7NE/7E, 7N/7, EoS Rebel Ti, T2, K2, Canon ELPH, ELPH 490Z, and Sure Shot Z135 Caption.

NOTE: Canon cameras that use the RC-1 or RC-5 remotes are NOT compatible with the WL-DC100, a different gentled is required. Make sure you order the correct one!

remote control: HP
Hewlett Packard HP618, HP912

remote control: RC-3
Dimage F100, F200, F300, S304, S404, S414,
E201/2300. Freedom Range point & shoot with IR

remote control:
ML-L1 or ML-L3
Nikon D70, 8400, 8800, N65, N75, Pronea S, Nuvis S, Lite Touch Zoom

remote control: RM-1 or RM-2
C-4040, C-40ZOOM, C-730, C-3040ZOOM, C-3030ZOOM, C-3020ZOOM, C-3000ZOOM, C-2100ULTRAZOOM, C-2040ZOOM, C-2020ZOOM, E-100RS,E-10,E-20P, C-50ZOOM, C-60ZOOM, MJU300, MJU400, C-5000ZOOM, C-750ULTRAZOOM, C-5050ZOOM, C-5060WIDEZOOM, C-40ZOOM, C-8080, C-2100ULTRAZOOM, C2020ZOOM, C750ULTRAZOOM, C or D-40ZOOM, C or D-50ZOOM, C or D-60ZOOM

remote control: E and F
Optio 330, 430RS, 450, 550, 555, S40, S4i, S4, *istD, S, Espio 35mm range with remote. EI 200

remote control: PDR-RM1
3300, 4300

Examples of the actual remotes we have used are also given, however other remotes can work, as some manufacturers have a range of remotes with different keys and functions for different cameras, however all have shutter release.
Please get in touch if you want to control another camera, many things are possible... 

Prices and Ordering the gentled

The gentled costs US$ 18.95 (± 15,00) for any of the following options, that price includes air-mail postage and packing for anywhere in the world. We need to know which option you want, and you need to check that your camera will support infra-red remote control.

Additionally you can order the gentled with a joy-switch joy-stick replacement for the complete plug-'n-play solution. This set costs US$ 29.95 (± 25,00).

The stereo gentled costs US$ 29.95 (± 25,00). We will send you an e-mail to ask you what the length of the wires B and C should be for your system.

For CANON cameras (Type A) that work with the WL-DC100 we offer a second gentled : the zoom. It allows you to use the zoom function through your R/C system. It costs US$ 19.95 and with the special joy-switch US$ 34.95. This variant is also avialable for the OLYMPUS and PENTAX cameras (Note: unlike the Canon and the Olympus, the Pentax zoom is a three step zoom).

You can order your gentled on-line now through a secure PayPal server. Just push the button of the desired version. If you don't like to use PayPal, send us an e-mail.

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