Online store - webshop for aerial photography using kites (KAP), balloons (BAP) or poles (PAP)!
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Welcome at KAPshop, your webshop for aerial photography using drones, kites, balloons or poles.

At KAPshop we design and build systems for low level, small format, high resolution aerial photography. To lift your camera we provide kites, Helikites and masts. We don't sell drones as there are too many these days, each for a specific use. But do adapt drones for special ways of aerial photography. Next to that we sell bits and pieces for those that like to build there own system.

Whatever camera you like to use, we can provide a rig for it. Basically we offer 4 different types: the Small1 of action cameras, the kit for compact cameras called Medium1, the light weight Modular1, the big KAPshop Big1 and a wide range of special builds. To build rigs we use all we learned in more than 20 years of building rigs. We use all kinds of modern materials like (sandwich) carbon and GRF and specialized tools like a CNC router and a 3D printer.

If you require a custom made product then let us know your requirements and we will happy to build it for you. We strive for excellent customer service because we shop too, so we know how not to do things. If you have any comments or queries then please feel free to contact us; we are always happy to hear from you.

We ship all round the world. Shipping costs are calculated automatically for you at the checkout.