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A Helikite is a unique combination of a kite and a helium balloon; joining the best of both worlds into a system that has very wide windrange and build-in safety. Even if the wind drops the Helikite will stay aloft. On the other end of the range it will cope with a storm.

With all Helikites the flight is automatic. Steady, reliable. No wind, or high wind, a Helikite is going to fly in a stable manner, whether attached to a person or the ground. Now, with the new Action Cam Helikite even the aerial photography is completely automatic. The Action Cam does everything by itself! Skill is not required but will help.

So absolutely anyone can be a great and safe aerial photographer within minutes of opening the package. Simple, reliable and safe aerial photography has never been so easy before. Ideal for those that cannot wait for wind and for those that don't have the time to learn how to fly a kite.

For photography and video recording there are 3 interesting variants avialable now:

  • the Skyhook
  • the Skyshot
  • the Action Cam

The Skyhook is a basic Helikite that can be used to lift various kinds of rigs like the ones that are used in KAP too. Simply attach the Picavet system or the pendulum to the thether line or along the keel of of the kite and you're ready to go.

The Skyshot has additionally a monopod to attach a simple camera rig or a dedicated pan&tilt rig.

The all new Action Cam package allows numerous action cameras like the famous GoPro to be attached around the circumference of the Helikite's balloon. They can all take photos at once therefore guaranteeing numerous superb photos in all directions within a few seconds of launch. This allows anyone to instantly become an excellent aerial photographer with no training or trouble. The 1m3 size can lift up to three cameras, the 1.6m3 four cameras and the 2m3 can carry six cameras. There is even a 3m3 version to lift 9 of these cameras.

For each of the variants you find specifications and prices below. Keep in mind that you will need a thether line. The weight of the line that is lifted by the Helikite has to be deducted from the Helikite lift capacity. The weight of the lifted line depends on the length of the line between the Helikite and the line winder. Lines can be found in the Winders, lines, tails section.

Helikites are made to order. There might be a limited number in stock.


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 Helikite Skyhook 1.0   Helikite Skyhook 1.0 
 €877.25  inc VAT
€725.00 exc VAT
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 Helikite Skyhook 1.6   Helikite Skyhook 1.6 
 €1,119.25  inc VAT
€925.00 exc VAT
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 Helikite Skyhook 2.0   Helikite Skyhook 2.0 
 €1,361.25  inc VAT
€1,125.00 exc VAT
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 Helikite Skyhook 3.0   Helikite Skyhook 3.0 
 €1,452.00  inc VAT
€1,200.00 exc VAT
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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) Result Pages:  1