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Of course there are lots of kites suitable to lift a camera. But some are a bit better than others. The ones we sell are designed with KAP in mind.

The kites we below are all so-called soft kites. That is without any stick to form a frame. The main reason we like these the fact that they pack small and that there are no sticks to break.

Sure there are good KAP kites with a frame. Their main advantages being flying at an higher angle (60 degrees or more, soft kites do fly at some 45 degrees) and an easier start in conditions where wind speeds are low.

You can allways ask us to get you another kite than the ones listed below.

Let's see what we have here
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 Didakites Explorer 1.6   Didakites Explorer 1.6 
 €144.90  inc VAT
€119.75 exc VAT
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 Didakites Explorer 2.7   Didakites Explorer 2.7 
 €299.00  inc VAT
€247.11 exc VAT
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 Didakites Explorer 4.8   Didakites Explorer 4.8 
 €575.36  inc VAT
€475.50 exc VAT
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 KAP Foil 1.6   KAP Foil 1.6 
 €109.98 - €109.99  inc VAT
€90.89 exc VAT
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 KAP Foil 3.0   KAP Foil 3.0 
New for 2016: the KAP Foil 3.0. Pre order now, expected delivery in Mai.
 €165.00 - €199.65  inc VAT
€136.36 exc VAT
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 KAP Foil 5.0   KAP Foil 5.0 
 €300.00  inc VAT
€247.93 exc VAT
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 KAP Foil 8.0   KAP Foil 8.0 
 €400.00  inc VAT
€330.58 exc VAT
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Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1